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We Work With You

We shape and build brands for ambitious businesses of all sizes from starts ups and SME’s to large manufacturing companies.

Our extensive experience has generated strong working relationships with B2B and B2C businesses in retail, manufacturing, professional services, weddings and fitness.

By working with you, we become an unstoppable team working in harmony to achieve your goals. Understanding the heartbeat of your business is key to us identifying areas for growth, creating new ideas, building trust and a complimentary work flow. 

We will champion your goals, inspire you, save you time and give you honest, straight-talking advice with head turning impactful work that gets results.

We think big whilst providing a personal service.

Whether you simply need a business start up package, a brand overhaul, a new website or to Rethink your monthly creative design and digital content we can help. 

We will save you time and we’ll likely save you money!

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What our Clients Say

We Work With You


Running a business is hard, so it’s easy to lose sight of your ‘why’, get overwhelmed or persevere with lack lustre support and creative work that’s lost it’s mojo. Our relentlessly passionate approach will reignite your enthusiasm, realign your direction and remind you of all the amazing things your business can achieve.


In order to Rethink how we move forward we first understand what you have tried, what didn’t work and where you have succeeded.
We get to know the heartbeat of your business; your operations, your team and how you interact with customers. Then we can start putting plans into action! 


Understanding your dream customer(s) is key to achieving your goals. Do you have a new audience you hadn’t thought of? Who are they? Where are they? What are they motivated by? Our job is to reconnect your business with your ideal customer and forge a strong relationship.


Now the magic happens! We tell your brand story in meaningful creative ways.  We write from the heart, conjure exciting concepts, design impactful imagery,  increase engagement, drive footfall, generate leads…..We breathe new life into your brand communications and get the head turning attention your business deserves.

Our Ethos

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us!

We have had the pleasure of working with many business owners who manage
companies of all shapes and sizes. From start-ups and small businesses and established SMEs to
retail giants, large corporates and manufacturing companies.

We treat all projects big or small with equal respect.

Every business story is different and whatever its journey, the story needs telling well.
For us there are 3 key things that make that happen:

1) Understanding the DNA of your business 2) Mapping out achievable objectives
3) Discovering all we can about your dream customers

Once we are under the skin of all that, your story can be brought to life in meaningful, creative ways. So whether you need help naming your business and getting started, are ready to take your growing business
to the next level or need to steer your ship in a brand new direction. We’ll help you Rethink how you get there.
And we do it with a dedicated personal service and an honest, straight-talking approach.

Ready to Rethink your next project?

Hi! I’m Sam Blakley. Owner and Creative Director of Rethink Creative & Digital Marketing.

I am a Brand Fanatic and I’d love to hear about your business and any brand and marketing challenges you need help with.

You can book a free 30 minute consultation with me here or give me a call on 07517459966.

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