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Social media has become a must for all businesses, but can be a minefield to manage.

We plan and create meaningful on-brand content that raises awareness and grows your community.

We also create targeted, online advertising that delivers quality leads and direct enquiries.

Choosing the Right Platfrom

The social platforms you should be visible on depends entirely on one thing…which platforms your customers are on. There’s no point Tweeting on Twitter (or X, as it’s now known) if your ideal customer spends all their time on Instagram and Facebook. Understanding your customer is key to ensuring you get your content visible in the right places.

Organic Social Media

We create eye catching impactful content that rewards you with increased engagement, forges trust and confidence in your brand, and grows your community.

We create monthly and quarterly plans for your social content. We create imagery, videos and reels and write customer focused text that consistently echoes your brand story whilst showcasing and promoting the unique attributes of your business. We care, share, research, influence and attract people to your brand by being consistent and relevant.

Paid Social Media

There’s no point pretending that it’s not a minefield out there. Algorithms, GDPR, IOS restrictions and more, are all modern day hurdles when it comes to navigating the social stratosphere, but paid ads can still be an exceptionally good way to reach directly into the engaged mind of your target audience. We keep our ear to the digital ground and find ways to help your message cut through and motivate an acton.

Social Monitoring

What’s the point of any paid marketing if you’re not monitoring it? Where did the enquiries come from? How many landing page views did you get? Were the costs per click effective? Was the reach what we expected? By monitoring and reviewing our digital efforts we learn to hone and adjust (and jump through the ever-increasing hoops of the platforms).

Our Work

Presto Music School

Hitting a high note with a brand overhaul, new website, content marketing, and design and digital advertising for an award-winning music school…

Chadwick Textiles
Creating best in class B2B communications for a leading UK sportswear provider for schools, clubs and teams. Branding, website, design and more…
Norton Priory Museum & Gardens

Breathing new life into brand communications for this historic and scenic visitor attraction. Branding, printed literature, signage and content marketing…

Who We Are

Rethink is a boutique creative brand communications agency focused on multichannel marketing solutions across both digital and traditional media channels. Our expertise goes far beyond creative solutions. We blend insight, strategy and imagination to deliver customer-driven business success.

We know that by working in partnership with our clients and really getting under the skin of their business and what they stand for, we can challenge perception, grow audiences, create attention grabbing work and compel people to take action.

So, whether it’s working seamlessly as part of your marketing team or as a trusted consultant, you’ll find us pro-active, curious, refreshingly plain talking and always with your best interests at heart.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’re ready to hear from you!

Ready to Rethink your next project?

Hi! I’m Sam Blakley. Owner and Creative Director of Rethink Creative & Digital Marketing.

I am a Brand Fanatic and I’d love to hear about your business and any brand and marketing challenges you need help with.

You can book a free 30 minute consultation with me here or give me a call on 07517459966.

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