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When you forget to shoot the other colourway, you need a different background in your image or you need to create 8 photo-real shots in 3 days time!
Enter retouching and CGI.

We are very good at it and we’ve saved the day for many of our clients.


Retouching is a specialist technique used in photography, graphic design, and image editing to enhance or modify the appearance of a photograph or image. It includes making adjustments to various aspects of an image, such as: skin smoothing, colour correction, background cleanup, clothing or object adjustments plus sharpening and detail enhancements to bring out finer details. We’ve been retouching images for years so when there’s an image emergency we are the call to make!


CGI stands for Computer-generated imagery. Computer software is used to create and manipulate images, videos, and animations in various forms of media, including movies, television, video games, advertising, and more. Unlike traditional photography, CGI involves creating visual content entirely through digital means.

CGI is a complex and specialist skill that covers many aspects. At Rethink we provide CGI in areas where businesses we work with need it most. Typically this includes: 3D Modelling, texturing, and rendering to create photo-real imagery when photography is simply not an option.

We have created computer generated packaging and in-store display stands, conjured new backgrounds and objects within existing imagery and done a fair few enhancements to beauty shots.

Our Work

Presto Music School

Hitting a high note with a brand overhaul, new website, content marketing, and design and digital advertising for an award-winning music school…

Chadwick Textiles
Creating best in class B2B communications for a leading UK sportswear provider for schools, clubs and teams. Branding, website, design and more…
Norton Priory Museum & Gardens

Breathing new life into brand communications for this historic and scenic visitor attraction. Branding, printed literature, signage and content marketing…

Who We Are

Rethink is a boutique creative brand communications agency focused on multichannel marketing solutions across both digital and traditional media channels. Our expertise goes far beyond creative solutions. We blend insight, strategy and imagination to deliver customer-driven business success.

We know that by working in partnership with our clients and really getting under the skin of their business and what they stand for, we can challenge perception, grow audiences, create attention grabbing work and compel people to take action.

So, whether it’s working seamlessly as part of your marketing team or as a trusted consultant, you’ll find us pro-active, curious, refreshingly plain talking and always with your best interests at heart.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’re ready to hear from you!

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Hi! I’m Sam Blakley. Owner and Creative Director of Rethink Creative & Digital Marketing.

I am a Brand Fanatic and I’d love to hear about your business and any brand and marketing challenges you need help with.

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